About the Brand Architect

“Branding is simply a sequence of experiences that consistently reinforce that you are the only one that provides a solution to your prospects persistent problem.” — Sandy Wallace

The Brand Architect is the only virtual marketing firm serving South Western Ontario that specializes in driving sales revenue by building quality brand experiences. Our vision is to give every business in the world their own WOW Factor and create a culture of exceptional service.

William ‘Sandy’ Wallace,
The Brand Architect...

... has worked over the past 15 years with companies such as AIG, Universal Music, Bank of Montreal, The American Telemessaging Association and their clients, helping with their marketing promotions and overall branding. Using a proprietary process called ‘Brand Stickiness’, Sandy helps companies:

  1. Spend LESS money on marketing by having clients return to you and refer to you more readily, in addition to pinpointing the client base you need to go after. The Brand Architect shows the world you’re worth the money.
  2. Quickly identify and reach the decision makers of their target audience and compel them to take action, by creating the perfect perception of their business, as they steadily build top-of-mind awareness though consistent brand experiences.
  3. Establish the same level of respect, dedication and professionalism that multinational conglomerates do through their “agency quality” branding program(s), by creating a sense of belonging / oneness through relationship marketing campaigns that deepen and strengthen the bond with their brand.